A Northern Parliament would give the country its Northern Powerhouse, says Lord Greaves

Northern Powerhouse Discussion ramps up

LAST WEEK, Lord Greaves put forward a case for moving Parliament to the North of England while in Question Time in the House of Lords.

The Liberal Democrat, 74, said: “We are never going to balance the economy of this country so long as the vast majority of investment goes into London and the South East.

A major event needs to take place to move power and investment out of London to the other end of the country.”

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Lord Greaves’ demands sit within the Northern Powerhouse agenda, an initiative to boost economic growth in the North of England.

But Lord Greaves is pessimistic of the current government’s desire to fulfil their pro-North agenda.

He said: “I think the Northern Powerhouse started off as a slogan dreamt up by George Osborne. I think it’s nothing. There are useful things in it but they’re not going to result in a major transformation of the economy and society of this country to rebalance the inequalities between London, the South East and the rest of the country, particularly the North of England.”

Cabinet Office spokeswoman Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen responded to the discussion by saying: “The Northern Powerhouse is absolutely going ahead and is very important to this Government, but it is about private sector growth, not public sector growth.”

By Martin Law