Retail park gridlock misery

Chaos at North West shopping outlets

CONGESTION at retail parks across the North West is taking the joy out of Christmas shopping.

Shoppers trying to park up at Robin Park, on the outskirts of Wigan town centre, are finding it harder to drive in and out of the car park.

There are now only two ways in and out, and parking spaces have been reduced.

This is because of the ongoing redevelopments to bring EE, Subway, KFC, and Costa to the retail park.

Irene, 57, from Skelmersdale, said: “Last Sunday we came to go to Smyths Toys and we couldn’t get on the car park, we had to wait.”

Rebecca, 21, from Shevington, Wigan, said: “Recently it’s been a lot worse than usual. Last time I was here cars were backed up on to the main road blocking access to the police and fire stations.”

Restricted access to retail sites isn’t just an issue in Wigan. Shopper Adam Heslop’s 5 minute shopping experience at Deepdale Shopping, Preston, turned in to a three hour traffic nightmare.

Cheshire Oaks had to apologise to shoppers after car park chaos left them stuck for up to three hours.

Shopper Amanda Raggett’s experience at Middlebrook, Bolton, tells a similar tale.

Amanda said: “It took me over half an hour to get from Asda to home, it normally takes 5 minutes.”

All three of Robin Park, Deepdale Shopping, and Middlebrook are located next to large football stadiums.

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By Tom Earnshaw