Hurricane Irma students settle in Preston

American students are getting used to life at UCLan in Preston after being relocated last week due to the impact Hurricane Irma had on their University.

The American University of the Caribbean told over 600 students that they were going to continue their medical studies at a place north of Manchester.

American University of the Caribbean (above)


They were given student accommodation at Trinity Student Village and The Tramshed in Preston. There had a been a great rush to pack and AUC had arranged the lectures and accommodation in just 9 days.

It’s been one week since they made the move and one of the students Stanley Tsui aged 22 from San Francisco has already planned some trips around England.

“A few of my friends have been to Scotland and London but I’ve planned a trip to Amsterdam this weekend.”

He’s also been enjoying Preston night life and has been in the Adelphi pub every night after lectures as they’re classes are mostly at night and online.

Stanley recalls the moment he got off the bus from the airport last week.

Logan Pittman and Alisha Bland are also medical students originally from Florida who were moved, they’ve been enjoying the night life in Preston.

They went to London and booked themselves train tickets after a night out in The Warehouse. “We’ve been to Yates and The Warehouse it was so different to what we’ve been used to”

“I’m now two weeks behind on my course which means they’ve extended our classes through Christmas and New Year”

“A few professors haven’t been able to come over yet.”