19 weeks without Blackpool to Preston trains!

Preston Station

Thinking of travelling between Preston and Blackpool over the next few months? It’s not going to be a case of hopping on a train with the services suspended between these stations.

Here’s why:


Network Rail have said:

“We are upgrading the railway between Preston and Blackpool as part of a £1bn+ investment in the north to deliver cleaner, quieter and more reliable journeys by May 2018.”

“The 17 mile route between Preston and Blackpool North will be fully electrified paving the way for better trains with more seats. We’re also improving the track layout and modernising signalling equipment to reduce delays and improve performance.”

“Work includes the replacement of 84 signals and moving the signalling control to the Manchester rail operating centre. Blackpool North and Kirkham & Wesham stations will be remodelled as part of our plans to simplify the current layout of the railway.”

“We’re carrying out ecological surveys and environmental impact assessments to minimise impact on the natural environment. Any protected species or nesting birds are relocated where necessary.”

“We will have been holding information events at various locations throughout September and into October along the route, giving our neighbours the opportunity to meet our project team and to find out about the next phase of work.”
“To keep the railway moving, we try to cause the least disruption to train services. And for safety reasons, we do most of the improvement work over night, or during carefully planned closures of the railway. Plus, we want to minimise the impact our work has on our neighbours. If we’re planning work close to your property we will write to you to let you know.”
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