The key questions following Alexis Sanchez’s Manchester United move

Following Alexis Sanchez’s transfer to Manchester United we tackled the key questions that everybody is talking about now that the deal has been completed. Therefore we looked at where Sanchez will fit in, why Manchester United signed him and ask whether or not this is the right move for Sanchez’s career.

1. Where will Alexis Sanchez play?

Mourinho yesterday praised Sanchez’s versatility as he is able to play in four different positions but where will start for Manchester United. Sanchez has spent most of his Arsenal career on the left wing where he likes to cut inside onto his right foot and he admitted this is his favourite position. However Anthony Martial has had a successful season on the left wing, scoring 11 goals and registering 9 assists so he is unlikely to be dropped. Sanchez also spent last season as Arsenal’s striker scoring 30 goals in 51 appearances but at just 5 foot 5 he isn’t a typical Mourinho striker as he prefers a target man like Lukaku. Therefore he is more likely to play on the right wing like he did for Barcelona or behind the striker as he does with Chile.

Alexis Sanchez. joshjdss, Flickr

2. What will he bring to the side?

Sanchez is undoubtedly a world class player and Mourinho called him “one of the best attacking players in the world” but what are his best attributes. Since joining Arsenal in 2014 he has scored 80 goals in 166 appearances so he’s clearly a goal threat and a clinical finisher in front of goal. Sanchez also often scores big and decisive goals in important games as the forward has already scored in two FA cup finals and the Copa America final. In terms of his style of play he is known for his energy and high work rate as he gives everything on the pitch plus he’s also a technically brilliant player and a great dribbler with the ball.

3. Is it the right choice for Sanchez?

Ahead of this move Sanchez had plenty of other options, he could have stayed at Arsenal or even joined Manchester City but he decided to sign for Manchester United so was this the correct decision? Financially it’s a deal that makes a lot of sense with United’s new number seven rumoured to be earning up to £500,000 a week at his new club but his chances of winning the Premier League would’ve been much higher at Manchester City. However at Manchester United are still one of the biggest clubs in the world and he is more likely to play every week and he’ll be regarded as someone to build the team around.