Local Hero Stops Jewellery Store Robbery

CCTV footage from the robbery attempt courtesy of DJM Goldsmiths

A heroic husband-to-be has halted a jewellery store robbery on Fox Street.

Andy Fiddler, 52, from High Walton, was shopping for a ring for his fiancée when he spotted the thief drop his guard and intervened, removing his jacket and flooring the thug.

David Mounsey, co-owner of DJM Goldsmiths jewellers, said the January 13 incident was the fourth in his 30-year career “but that was the most scary,

“[I] didn’t have time to think about it [fearing for his life]. He could have had [a knife].”

Despite this, he says that the experience has not affected his perception of the jewellery store industry: “[I] just don’t peddle with scumbags like that. He said he was sorry and he’s desperate and kept saying he was sorry and I said ‘Not as sorry as we are!’ and I held him ‘til the police arrived”.

The shop had to repair £398 worth of damages, and also paid out a £100 reward to Mr Fiddler.

The robber, Aaron Jameson-Kennedy, was jailed three days later after pleading guilty to robbery and must pay a £115 surcharge.