Preston City Tram Project Back On Track

Fishergate Street in Preston city centre, the intended route for the Guild tram line. Credit, Luke Smithurst

New developments towards a pilot line in Deepdale has re-vamped the public’s interest in the Guild line tram project.

Trampower LTD has joined forces with Eric Wright Civil Engineers to begin clearing a path for a pilot line in Deepdale.

Two weeks ago, a sod cutting ceremony at the sight of the future Deepdale pilot line marked the beginning of a partnership, between Trampowers Lewis Lesley and Diane Bourne, managing director at Eric Right Civil Engineering.

The project aims to use many of the city’s disused rail tracks to form the test line, which is scheduled to begin construction in March.

Although the proposed 1,250 metre pilot line will only serve as a training ground, it is hoped the line will also raise futher awareness for the transportation system that will eventually run from Redscar Business Park through to Preston station.

Plans are also being made to submit an application later this year, which will ask for approval for the entire project.

Stops will include Deepdale Retail Park, Skeffington Road for Preston North End stadium, University of Central Lancashire and the city centre.

Despite the positive backing the project has received by Preston City Council, some locals are not as welcoming to the new transport system.

Keith Hodson, 45, from Penwortham was convinced the project was a needless waste of tax payers money.

He said: “They’ve just re-done all the roads so there gonna have to dig them all up again, and it’s tax payer’s money. I just don’t understand why they have done it.”

He added: “It’s the council just chucking money away”.


For further information about the Preston Guild tram project, visit Trampower website: