Lancashire schools see increase in knife crime

Credit: Pixabay user Tookapic

Knife crimes in schools are on the up in Lancashire.

More and more pupils are being excluded over what are deemed to be ‘weapons’.

The figures come days after St Mary’s Catholic High School, in Leyland, was put on lock down following reports that two individuals were approaching the site armed with knives.

The high school is just one of many in Lancashire with an increasing number of pupils attending with dangerous and un-prohibited objects on hand.

In the last two years, St Mary’s has seen 18 of their pupils permanently excluded and 58 excluded for a fixed-term because of weapons in schools.

Meanwhile, the people of Lancashire are concerned that the council hold no stored information about weapons such as knives or other bladed objects being taken into schools by pupils.

This is creating a call to action across the county, with parents, teachers and other members of the public shocked that these figures haven’t been kept.

Below we can see a graph showing the different types of weapons used by pupils excluded from schools:

Credit: Erryn Cliffe

Patrick Green, the CEO of the Ben Kinsella Trust, a charity that attempts to educate youngsters about the risks of carrying knives, said: “We’re still not seeing a full picture from where we are in terms of knife crime and knife usage in schools so they’re a wake up call for everybody involved.

It just shows that … knife crime is no longer the preserve of the streets, it does appear in schools as well.”

If there is a concern about weapons in a school near you, please call the police on: 101