Hospital Parking on residential streets causes problems

Parked cars block access to road for pedestrians. Image: Lucy Hesketh

Fulwood residents have complained about motorists parking outside homes to avoid hospital charges.

The estate near Sharoe Green Lane has become a secondary car park for the hospital visitors, forcing home owners to take matters into their own hands.

Many have resorted to putting out cones and signs in windows to prevent people parking in front of their homes.  

Residents blocking their house fronts on Broadwood Drive. Image: Lucy Hesketh

Resident and new mother, Lucy Hesketh, said: “I have approach hospital workers to complain about their inconsiderate parking. I have been abused on a number of occasions which upsets me greatly.” 

A parking office for Preston City Council Parking Officer said that, despite the fact that the cars in question are left for hours at a time, sometimes overnight, nothing could be done.

Resident puts up ‘no parking’ signs in their front window on Parklands Drive. Image: Lucy Hesketh