Jamie Carragher suspended from Sky after spitting outrage

Jamie Carragher: Abdulkabir Olatunji

Jamie Carragher has been suspended from Sky after an extraordinary video emerged on social media of the ex-Liverpool defender spitting at a football fan and his 14-year-old daughter for mocking Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday.

The video shows a Manchester United fan recording on his mobile phone Carragher’s car driving on the motorway with the man shouting “2-1, 2-1” in the former Liverpool star’s direction in an effort to wind him up.

It was at this point when Carragher seemed to acknowledge what the fan was trying to do, and in quick succession, he and the fan rolled their car windows down.

With both windows down, the fan continued mocking Liverpool’s defeat and in a moment of madness, Carragher then spat in the fans’ direction and drove off.

Carragher’s actions have led to a lot of outrage and criticism on social media.

In fact, as soon as this story was published, Carragher very quickly tweeted an apology saying that he was “goaded 3/4 times along the motorway while being filmed & lost my rag.”

After the news broke that Carragher was to be suspended, his colleague Gary Neville tweeted his views on the issue, saying that Carragher shouldn’t lose his job over the incident.

But ex-Wimbledon, Chelsea and Leeds player Vinnie Jones attacked Carragher over the incident, he said: “It is cowardly. How has the lad driving it not driven after Jamie, rammed him, dragged him out of the car and beat seven… you know what I mean.

“If someone spat at my daughter sitting in the car, I would have been after them. There is no sitting on the fence here, Jamie is down the road – down the job centre tomorrow.

“Spitting at 14-year-olds through a window? He is presenting on the TV. For Christ’s sake, he is supposed to be one of the top men. You can’t condone that whatsoever. It is filth, it is absolute filth.”

Back in 2015, Carragher wrote an article commenting on a spitting incident that occurred on the pitch in a match between Manchester United and Newcastle.

During the game, United’s Jonny Evans appeared to spit at Newcastle’s Papiss Cisse, who then retaliated by spitting at the defender. Both players ended up serving six-match bans for their actions.

In Carragher’s article on this past incident, he explains how he was once spat on during a game and said how much he would rather be on the receiving end of spit than a leg breaking tackle.

He also revealed that in his opinion, Evans and Cisse’s six match ban was “excessive”.

Back to present day, and Sky held crunch talks with Carragher about his behaviour and his punishment.

A Sky spokesman said: “It is unacceptable behaviour and we will be addressing it with Jamie.”

As well as being suspended from Sky, Carragher has also been axed from his role as a Champions League pundit on Danish TV.

Only time will tell if Carragher will permanently lose his job at Sky.