UCLan journalists in Kenya to meet inspirational writers and innovators – and to make friends with some wildlife

UCLan journalism students visit African Woman and Child

Sixteen students from the BA Journalism, BA Sports Journalism and BA International Journalism are on

UCLan lecturer Dr George Ogola quizzed by journalism students at Riari University in Nairobi

a week-long trip to Nairobi, Kenya, talking to local journalists and meeting inspirational innovators.

They’ve been taking the opportunity to talk to journalists such as Jane Godia from African Woman and Child, a non-government organisation

which covers stories on equality, sexual violence and domestic violence. Students were encouraged to seek out the voices of people not heard in the mainstream media, and give a voice to real issues which affect everyday lives of those who are not listened to by politicians and other journalists.

Nairobi’s ihub has helped more than 250 entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses, and encourages innovation in technology. UClan students were shown how African innovation can have worldwide impact.

On Tuesday, students were given a tour of Radio Citizen and its tv studio where they were given behind-the-scenes

The television gallery for Kenya’s network broadcaster

access to its network operations. The commercial broadcaster has transmitters all over Kenya and is responsible for producing regional and national content.


Visits to other tech hubs are planned, and hopefully the Kenyan Open Golf Championship, the giraffe centre and an orphanage for elephants. A number of students are also chasing their own stories, hoping to return with an impressive journalism portfolio.