Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman tries to calm expectations after dream start

Crown Ground, Accrington's Home Stadium. (Picture Credit: Geograph, Robert Wade)

Accrington Stanley’s John Coleman doesn’t want people getting carried away despite the sensational start his underdogs have made.

Stanley have had a remarkable start to the season and are currently fifth in League One.

After winning League Two last season some fans are already dreaming of back to back promotions.

Despite this, Stanley manager John Coleman insists he’s not getting carried away. He said: “We definitely won’t be thinking we’ve arrived because there’s less than a quarter of a season gone yet.

“When you get to the end of November the season’s in full flow and you have an idea of where you’re pitching your battles.

“The test is when you go through a bad spell and you’ve got to try and pick the troops up every other day.”

Accrington manager John Coleman. (Picture Credit: Nathan Egerton)

There is no denying that Stanley’s achievements are a miracle and they have been defying the odds, the club are currently full of confidence and everyone is enjoying the ride.

Coleman added: “The games can’t come quick enough when you’re on a little bit of a run, you want to play every other day. When you’re winning you feel as though you can go on be invincible.”

While Accrington may have had the joint lowest budget in the Football League last season, there are factors that have contributed to their success. The club’s togetherness and team spirit is evident and Coleman has noticed the great morale within the squad.

He continued: “Win, lose or draw the atmosphere in the group has been good.

“The lads are very positive, they like to work hard and enjoy what they’re doing. Knowing our players, they are hungry for more. They were relentless last year.”

Another key factor behind Stanley’s incredible year is Coleman’s attention to detail and desire for perfection. The manager always spends three hours analysing the last game as he always believes his side can improve further.

The manager said: “You never settle for second best or mediocrity and you’re always looking to improve.

“I try to find areas where we can build and improve on as you’re always trying to get better at what you do. We need to be tracking runners in midfield better but it’s something that can be worked on.”

For now, Coleman isn’t looking too far ahead and is taking every game as it comes.

He added: “We just have to try and keep going as best we can. Give it our all every game and we’ll see where it takes us. Whatever happens this season the one thing you won’t accuse us for is lack of effort.”