Picked on for playing football with boys – now Darcy will lead out England

picture credited Flickr, joshjdss

A 7-year-old girl has been asked to walk out with the England women’s team after a story of her being bullied for being a girl in football was shared online.

Darcy, who is from Blackpool, was a victim of ‘cruel comments’ from parents of opposing teams.

The England women’s team heard the story and asked the young girl to be the mascot for their game against Sweden in November.

Appearing on BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast on Friday, Darcy met former Manchester United captain Michael Carrick, who said her treatment was “sad”.

“For Darcy to play football and enjoy it is fantastic,” said Carrick, who is now United’s assistant manager. “You shouldn’t have to go through things like this.”

The story was originally shared by Anna Kessel, co-founder of Women in Football.

“She plays with a wonderful group of boys, but every now and then, people do not shake her hand at the end of the match or there are little comments made,” said Darcy’s mum, Sarah, speaking on 5 live. “Occasionally parents might say something. I get in the car and feel down by it all, but she is so resilient. I am so proud of her.

“Sometimes grown-ups need to remember it is not the Premier League, this is grassroots, and they are there to have fun.”