David McNamara: Ref, paper scissors?!

Local referees will join in an act of solidarity to show support to banned referee David McNamara. 

McNamara, a women’s super league referee from Preston, was banned for 21 days after he used the child’s game instead of the official toss of the coin before the clash between Man City Ladies and Reading.

According to law 8.1 in the Laws of the Game and FA Rules, it states, “the team that wins the toss of a coin decides which goal it will attack in the first half.”

The FA Women’s refereeing manager Joanna Stimpson said: “It’s not defendable. He should have been more prepared, he should have had a coin but he didn’t. It was disappointing, it was not appropriate, it’s very unprofessional.”

However, Eliot Galea, 21, a grassroots referee, disagrees with the decision from the FA.

He said: ” I think it’s (the ban) a bit too lengthy, a bit too harsh. Rock, paper, scissors is a fair chance, I see where the ref is coming from. Two game ban max, he doesn’t deserve that.”

Referees in the Lancashire area are rumoured to boycott the local games this weekend by using rock, paper, scissors.

Despite this, Galea fears more action from the FA and will not be taking part in the protest.

“I don’t want to risk my job, but if I forgot my coin, I would definitely use rock paper scissors”, he explained.