Harris Museum applies for £10 million funding

Harris first floor central

Preston City’s iconic Harris museum has applied for £10.7 million worth of funding from various benefactors to boost its services.

The funds, which come in part from the council and other local charities including the Heritage Lottery fund, will be used to modernise and revive the 125 year old grade 1 building.

Visitor Assistant and Events Coordinator Elizabeth Cocking said: “We’ve applied for quite a large sum of money to do a full building regeneration, we’ve got designs that we’ve been working on for over a year. We’ve also been working with the University of Central Lancashire and the public so it’s not all coming from one place.”

The Harris Museum, built in 1893, is free to enter and explore and the majority of special events put on are also free to access, meaning generous donations and publicity are required to endure as one of the most cultural and educational hubs in Lancashire.

The original campaign #HarrisYourPlace aims to raise £2.5 million from the University of Central Lancashire and members of the public to bring the total funding up to the £10.7 million mark.

The museum hopes to become the first ‘blended’ library, museum and art gallery in the UK, meaning that all of the activities and exhibits will become part of one large and seamless experience for the public to enjoy.

More information on the fundraiser can be found on the museum’s website http://www.harrismuseum.org.uk/