Hip Hop comes to The Harris

A Hip Hop event was held at the museum last month.

The Harris Museum in Preston is a place full of culture, with different exhibitions constantly gracing the venue. But last month, the Harris was host to a hip-hop music event, the type of which has not been seen before in the venue. Artists from the local area including Liverpool, Manchester and Preston came to perform in an intimate space that certainly did not resemble your typical hip-hop venue. The stage was stripped back, with statues of historical figures circling the room, creating a certain clash of cultures.

One rapper performing at the event, ‘Mundo’ from Preston, told us it was refreshing for the Harris to be hosting such an event, “Being from Preston, you’ve always seen it in town (the Harris) and you don’t associate it with music so it’s nice that somewhere like this would start accommodating music events, especially for local people and for people in the North West.”

The artist also hailed the concert as a step in the right direction for the amateur rap game: “There’s been little events here and there, but people don’t seem to get that involved, and it gets a bit of a bad reputation when it’s a certain sort of music, but the fact that the Harris museum is starting to incorporate it makes it a bit more acceptable.”

Moving to a different venue in the North West certainly raises the profile of Hip-Hop in the area as well as bringing in artists from around the country.

Another performer, Miss Deep from Liverpool, told us: “I appreciate being a part of it because I’ve got a bit of a fan base in Liverpool and it’s nice to get around in other cities, I’ve never been to Preston before so I’m looking forward to listening to the other acts as well as people listening to my music.”

Organiser of the event, Catherine Mungenyi is eager to provide more opportunities like this in the area, and believes it is something that the Harris has lacked in recent years: “We’re supposed to be a place where all types of people can come and explore that kind of creativity, and it seems that we’re really good at some kinds, but not so good at others. We do have a music programme but it’s not particularly diverse and there’s a lot of music talent in the North West. So why can’t we give them a platform to come and perform to potentially a slightly different audience that they’re used to.”