Jack Jones Gentleman’s Lounge

The success story of the town, business is booming at Jack Jones Gentleman's Lounge

Established in 2009, Jack Jones Gentleman’s Lounge is the leading barbers in the area. Situated in Padiham, on the edge of the River Calder is where the traditional barbers lies. Annette Shuttleworth, the owner of the shop, expanded her business back in 2009 by adding a vintage look, with a contemporary feel, which allowed the shop to offer more services than ever before. What once started off as a small barber shop has since become something much bigger and it is now one of the most successful businesses in the town.

Logo via Jack Jones Gentleman’s Lounge.

It hasn’t all been good times for the barber shop, however, after Padiham was struck with torrential rain back in the 2015 boxing day floods. The floods devastated the town centre and for many businesses there was no way of coming back. Jack Jones became one of the many success stories in the area; after Annette invested her money back into revamping the shop, which brought in a wide range of new customers. The revamp obviously came at a cost, financially and emotionally but it was worth it in the end when Annette ended up expanding the shop and adding Wilson Ratcliffe as her partner. When Wilson started, the entire dynamic of the barber shop changed. New people started to go to the shop who were friends with him and their partnership became a huge part of the business.

Check next week’s issue of North West Spotlight for an exclusive interview with Annette and the team.