Without Warning – A Mini Album Review

Released by Slaughter Gang, Epic Records, Quality Control Music and Boominati Worldwide

Released on Halloween by Atlanta-born rappers 21 Savage and Migos’ Offset, Without Warning epitomises the gory, dark theme of Halloween; partly due to producer Metro Boomin’s consistently flawless production, throwing in gunshots, demented laughing and chainsaws.

21 Savage and Metro have previously collaborated on 2016’s Savage Mode, a prequel to Without Warning as both mixtapes are similar with gloomy lyrics, and an exorcist feel.

Without Warning opens with tracks that could be two of the best rap songs of 2017, ‘Ghostface Killers’ featuring Travis Scott. While the bass can be heard knocking in the background, Offset opens the track with warnings as to why he should not be messed with ‘Automatic, automatics, in the trunk, shoot the maggots, shoot the maggots with the pump’.

‘Rap Saved Me’ featuring another Migo, Quavo raises the bar above mixtape level with three high quality verses from each rapper, auto-tuned to perfection.

It’s only the second song.

Offset has been one of the standout rappers of 2017, and this mixtape is his first project as a solo artist. One of the standout tracks from the tape ‘Ric Flair Drip’, is a solo song and he goes full showman, adding to his repertoire of impressive features and verses of the calendar year.

The mixtape never goes away from what it is – a Halloween treat. It’s short and concise, only 33 minutes in length, but those 33 minutes are exhilarating. The unexpected collaboration worked seamlessly and is one we can expect to see again.