Cancer charity campaigns in Preston to raise financial awareness

Credit: Pexels

Macmillan has been campaigning in Preston city centre to raise awareness for cancer patients and how they as a charity can help those suffering, this particular time from a financial point of view.

Macmillan are a well-known nationwide Cancer Research organisation who help with every kind of problem people can be suffering from whether it is emotional, physical or mental health.

The cancer support organisation are campaigning with a mobile information bus through cities providing information and help with not just those diagnosed with cancer but for those that have loved ones they can help offer this support.

Macmillan Staff offering support
(Photo credit @MacInfoBusNW)

Raising awareness from a financial side is something they have been working on and offering financial support for those affected by this illness.

Macmillan have promised to help in various ways which include bills, supported benefits, welfare rights and more.

Simon Gould who is the funding officer told us what kind of financial help they are offering.

“What people need to understand is that Macmillan are not just there for emotional support, but we are also available for financial support as this is a very important part of a cancer patient’s rehabilitation process.”

“We are ready to pay for all kinds of bills such as water, gas, electricity, broadband, line rental and TV licensing”.

Macmillan promoting their financial support outside Preston town hall (Photo credit Hamzah Iqbal)

There are many other areas they also would like to offer such as supported benefits like council tax reduction and extra allowance for carers.

It is the time of the year when the heater needs to be on and especially for cancer patients.

Mr Gould added “It’s very important that a cancer patient remains warm at all times in order to stay well whilst in treatment, for this reason we are offering free heating for any household that has a cancer patient living”.

For more information on how you can help please visit their twitter page @MacInfoBusNW