Vulnerable children without gifts this Christmas

Pexels: Suzy Hazelwood

Barnardo’s children’s charity is asking for gifts to give to vulnerable children this Christmas.

Every year Barnardo’s give gifts to children from a range of backgrounds but this year they want to encourage donations for older children too.

Neil Worsley, Team Manager at Barnardo’s Bay6 Project in Leyland, said: “What tends to happen is the gifts come from the public very generously and they’re out buying for their own children and they will pick up toys and gifts as they’re out but they tend to think about the younger children.

“We support children up to 18 in my service as young carers and up to 25 in the different services so we tend to not get many things for that age group – 16-onwards.”

Many of the children Neil works with are child carers who look after family members who may be suffering through mental illness, substance abuse or have a disability.

He went on to say: “A lot of our work is working with children on a one to one basis and helping them resolve issues they have but this is the nicest part where we can see smiles on their faces and relief on some of the parents as well”.

The deadline for donating gifts is 18 December and Barnardo’s ask that you don’t wrap them before donating.

If you wish to donate gifts contact your local Barnardo’s or you can reach Bay6 Project on 01772 641002 before making donations.

When donating you can find them at 1 Dorothy Avenue, Leyland PR1 2YA.