Kirkham commemorate World War One with ‘waterfall’ of poppies

Poppy display in Kirkham, Lancashire. Credit: Jack Dinsley

A permanent feature of a ‘waterfall’ of poppies is now in Kirkham. This was to commemorate 100 years since the end of the first world war.

The idea first came from the councillors on Kirkham Town Council who wanted a permanent feature to commemorate the fallen soldiers in the war then and those who have fallen since.

This was done with a permanent arts installation in the Town’s Memorial Gardens which is home to the cenotaph and the 105 trees which were planted to represent each of the Kirkham men lost in the war.

The artwork which is now on display depict the men leaving Market Square and marching to war. There is a ‘waterfall’ of 500 individual poppies tumbling down the rockery behind the cenotaph.

War Memorial in Kirkham, Lancashire. Credit: Jack Dinsley

Kirkham Town Clerk, Emma Jo-Duffy, said: “The involvement of the community has been amazing. It was one of the main aspects about getting the community involved in the first place.”

The idea of the funding of the poppies also came from Kirkham Town Council and asked Kirkham to get involved.  

The poppies cost £10 per poppy which included a dedication which was published on the website, if the person requested it to be. There was a set amount of poppies available for the public to buy, and most sold out.  

Some people dedicated the poppies in remembrance to those who fought. However, some of the poppies include some for those who are still fighting for the country.

The blessing of the installation took place after the Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph on November 11th at 2pm. On the day there was at least 600 people who turned up to support the installation.