Vegan activists take to the streets in Wigan.

Masked vegan activists stand in Wigan town centre. Photo: Beth Unsworth

Animal rights activist group Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) are becoming increasingly present across the UK.

This weekend AV: Wigan carried out a peaceful demonstration which they call The Cube of Truth, in the town centre.

Anonymous for the Voiceless have held over 9,650 of these demonstrations worldwide.

Participants stand in a cube formation and display standard practice footage of the slaughtering of animals for food which is often hidden from the public.

Activists show sensitive images to the public. Photo: Bethany Unsworth

Ann Fleming, an AV activist said:

“We have the footage on the screens which is obviously quite shocking for a lot of people because they’re not aware of what goes on.

“If people stop then we’ll talk to them, but only if they want to talk to us.”

The group share their experiences of going vegan with the public, in the hope they will make the same decision. 

Nicola Sheehan, a member of the AV: Wigan group explained how she went vegan to save animals lives. She said:

“The reason why I went vegan is because I don’t want to live my life at the expense of somebody else’s life.”

Map of AV groups across the world. Source: Anonymous for the Voiceless Google My Maps.

Anonymous for the Voiceless originated in Australia in 2016 and has since expanded to inhabit 79 countries worldwide.

In little over two years the masked activists have convinced at least 354,631 bystanders to take vegan activism seriously.

The activists offer advice on turning vegan to the public and point them in the direction of documentary’s which may lead to a rude awakening.

With their street presence rapidly increasing across the world it is likely you will see them in your town soon.

You can learn more about Anonymous for the Voiceless and their demonstrations here.