PTSD charity’s appeal for CCTV funding after second break-in

Credit - Pixabay

A Preston charity is raising money for CCTV cameras after being targeted by thieves for the second time in eight months.

Dig In North West is a charity which looks after veterans and their families who suffer from PTSD.

They support the volunteers, or as they call them allotmenteers, through horticultural therapy and various other therapeutic activities.

On 28th of January, thieves trashed the charity’s sheds, threw files around, stole laptops, cameras and some money.

The charity has now created a Go Fund Me web page, in a bid to raise money for security cameras.

Dig In is part of the Let’s Grow Preston, Ashton Community Garden, a network of community gardens across the city.

Annie Wynn, the Project Development Manager for Let’s Grow Preston, part of the same network as Dig In, said: “Kids have got in, we assume it’s kids. They’ve got into the garden store, which is a sanctuary to a lot of veterans who suffer from PTSD.

“The idea was always to get CCTV and the police had strongly suggested, pushed us to get CCTV.

“We’ve come up with solutions and everybody’s tried to help, so Dig In can’t make the site any more secure than it is.”

Last summer, the charity was also targeted by thieves, who stole a phone, camera equipment, keys and high visibility vests.