Student touched by cricket charity success

CrickIT was set up by Manchester Grammar School student, Tom Robinson. Credit -

A teenage cricketer has spoken of his pride at the success of his new cricket-based charity ‘CrickIT’.

The charity, founded by 17-year-old Tom Robinson, is dedicated to supplying cricket equipment to the less privileged people of Cape Town, South Africa, in partnership with the Gary Kirsten Foundation.

The charity has been able to raise over £2,000 and a shipment of cricket equipment to help the South African youngsters since it was founded in 2018.

A shipment left last week to provide equipment for South African youngsters. Credit –

The idea was formed during a school cricket tour to Cape Town in 2017.

Robinson, who plays for Prestwich Cricket Club, said: “Even though I didn’t profit out of it financially, I profited out of it emotionally, because it’s a cause quite close to me.”

He added: “We raised over £2,000 and we got cricket clothing and equipment. We sent over 40 bats, over 40 bags, 90 pairs of pads, helmets and cricket protection gear.”

In order to be successful, CrickIT has needed donations and sponsorships from local businesses, and also donations of cricket kit from Greater Manchester-based players.

Robinson hopes the equipment and cash will help change the lives of the less privileged youngsters.

The 17-year-old said: “The charity was set up to help young people who develop life skills through cricket. It’s something that touched me and it’s something that I wanted to do – I wanted to raise money to help them.”

The Gary Kirsten Foundation will distribute the equipment to those who need it most, after a partnership was formed between the two charities.

Gary Kirsten scored over 7,000 runs in 101 test matches for South Africa in a career that spanned over 10 years.