Volunteers renovate Blackpool soup kitchen in ‘DIY SOS’ bid

The new location of the soup kitchen Photo Credit: Gerrie Byrne

Volunteers joined forces to help renovate a Blackpool-based soup kitchen which is due to reopen its doors to the community.

The charity-based organisation has been providing people with hot meals, showers and the means to clean their clothing for six years.

Debbie Wilkinson, one of the trustees for Amazing Graze said: “We put on a DIY SOS on our Facebook page and asked the people of Blackpool to get involved.

“We’ve had electricians, plumbers, joiners, plasterers, you name it. They’ve been helping here.”

Amazing Graze were asked to leave their first site after faults were found in the building, including a leak in the roof which caused damage to the electrics that could not be repaired whilst they were still there.

Wilkinson added: “We feed as many as 300 mouths a week, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.”

Founder Mark Butcher said: “We’ve got these people to look after and they are first and foremost in our mind.

“Our job isn’t just going out helping homeless. We want to be inspiring other people to help their communities.”

The new base is set to open it’s doors to the public on Friday.