Lancaster museum reopened after council cuts

Judges Lodgings Lancaster. Photo: Flickr

Lancaster museum Judges Lodgings has reopened after it was closed in 2016 due to council cuts.

Judges Lodgings, in Church Street, was formerly a town house used by judges when they attended sessions at the Assize Court.

The use of the house by judges ended in 1975 and the house was converted into a museum.

The museum is a Grade I listed building containing Georgian architecture.

Since the closure Lancashire County Council has maintained the collection at the Judges Lodgings.

The museum was reopened by the leader of the authority, Geoff Driver CBE, on Friday.

Cllr Driver said: “I was absolutely delighted to reopen the Judges Lodgings, which is a wonderful building with a really amazing history covering almost 400 years. 

“The council has been working hard to ensure the museum was once again open to the public and it’s great to know that so people will now be able to enjoy its exhibits.”

Linda Jackson, museum manager said: “It’s been a big effort on the part of a lot of people to get to the point now where we have reopened.

“We’ve had a fabulous busy weekend, we’ve had lots of people coming to support us so it’s been a great fresh start.”

The building will be open to the public for three days a week until November.