Deaf society needs funding to save its roof


Bolton Deaf Society. Photo: Beth Unsworth

The Bolton Deaf Society is a space for deaf and hard of hearing people that helps to make the world feel less silent.

The roof to its function room collapsed last year leaving many of its visitors with nowhere else to go.

In an attempt to fund the repairs they launched the ‘Raise The Roof Appeal’.

Enough money was raised to fund the basic repairs and reopen the room this week but further construction is still needed.

Safe and accessible

The centre is an essential service for the deaf community in Bolton.

They provide invaluable services such as letter reading, appointment booking and sign language interpretation.

Jordan Goucher, the society’s fundraising officer said: “To have a space that’s completely safe and accessible, somewhere that everyone uses sign language.

“It’s just a good place for them to come each week and feel part of a community.”

You can donate to the Raise The Roof Appeal here: