Bolton Wanderers fans condemn hooligans after Wigan Athletic clashes

Despite an enthralling seven goal thriller between Wigan and Bolton, it was a fight that broke out between Bolton fans and Greater Manchester Police that took centre stage.

As seen in the video above, violence erupted when police tried to escort a fan out of the stands when Bolton fans surrounded the officers and punches were thrown.

It happened during the second half of Bolton’s 5-2 defeat at the DW Stadium on Saturday.

It wasn’t just in the stands where trouble broke out with rival fans clashing outside the ground after the game.

Bolton fan @Jordz1993 took to Twitter saying “Embarrassed to be a Bolton fan. No place in football for this”

@Andygal1 also tweeted “Never been embarrassed to be a bolton fan like today…shocking on the pitch and just as bad from the fans…jake wants to go to an away game and today proves just why i wont take him.. “

Greater Manchester Police said four people have been arrested, three for public disorders and one for assault.

Chief Superintendent Graeme Openshaw said “We understand the passion involved in matches like this. However, we won’t hesitate to take action when the actions of a minority spoil things for others.”

A Bolton Wanderers Football Club spokesperson said: “We utterly condemn the actions of those involved in the alleged disorder and are supporting Greater Manchester Police in their investigations.”