Diversity and Inclusion Festival tackles today’s issues like, hate crime and modern slavery

Suely Ludgero-Newlove PC:Chelsea Craven

Hard news topics are being discussed as Diversity and Inclusion Festival kickstarted at UCLan this afternoon.

There will be events the whole week in an effort to address issues like hate crime, the lack of diversity, and too much or too little inclusion in areas.

The goal is to recruit people to help reduce these issues and as a result, put end to similar happenings like those following the terrorist attack which left 50 dead in New Zealand this past week.

Today organisers put up stalls from the Royal Air Force, Lancashire Victim Services, and many others, in UCLan’s Greenbank Social Space to unite in the festival’s efforts.

The organiser of the festival , Suely Ludgero-Newlove, wants to raise awareness of these issues and get the message across.

“People need to get involved, to preserve and advocate the under represented, to help get their voice heard.

“We went role models to inspire. This kind of effort should be part of our everyday life to stop stereo-typing and letting fear makes us do radical things.” She said.