Preston youth skip school to protest for climate change

Protest in Preston city centre Credit: Jack Dinsley

Climate change campaigners skipped school during Friday, in the hopes of getting their voices heard.

Young people writing inspiring messages. Credit: Jack Dinsley

Around 50 young people and an additional 50 adults were in attendance at the protest.

A previous meetup happened in February, with 25 people in attendance, meaning numbers had increased.

Meeting at Preston Railway Station, they then marched down Fishergate where they ended up at the Flag Market.

Youngsters drew messages on the floor in chalk and made speeches about their future and how they wanted council officials to act.

They then marched back through Preston to outside the County Hall, where they chanted to gain the attention of the council.

Miranda Cox, Eve Coppersthwaite and Duncan Coppersthwaite attending the protest. Credit: Jack Dinsley

Kirkham town councillor, Miranda Cox, was in attendance and she said: “It was a positive day and the determination of the young people was inspiring.

“They raised awareness of catastrophic climate change and also managed to convey their message to some within the Lancashire County Council offices.

“The fact this was part of a global youth strike that has resulted in an emergency debate on climate in the UN signifies how important it is for young people to make their voices heard.

“I personally am very proud to support them.”

There are more marches planned, and numbers are expected to increase.