Lancashire Red Rose flown at London’s People’s Vote march

Photo Credit: Friends of Real Lancashire and The Flag Institute
Photo Credit: Friends of Real Lancashire and The Flag Institute

The Lancashire Flag was flown high at Saturday’s People’s Vote March which saw about one million people petitioning for a second Brexit referendum.

A group of petitioners from Lancashire and Cumbria attended the rally with people coming from Penrith, Kendal, Lancaster and Preston.

The group worked together to create banners and flags to fly at the march through the streets on London.

An online government petition which was launched on Wednesday to revoke Article 50 has hit nearly five and a half million signatures, nearly two million of those flooding in after the march.

Photograph: UK government and parliament
Photograph: UK government and parliament

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling last year confirmed the UK could revoke Article 50 itself, without having to ask the other 27 EU countries for permission.

Debbie Williams, associate editor of Publishing at the University of Central Lancashire,  who attended the march said: “I carried the really tall one (flag) which ended up being 8-foot.

“It’s just chaos isn’t it?

“We need a better plan, it’s my own personal opinion that we don’t need Brexit.”

Debate continues in the Commons as the date has been extended for the Prime Minister to get her plan through the House.

The EU has told Mrs May if can get her withdrawal deal through Parliament next week, that date will be pushed back to May 22.

However, if the Prime Minister can’t get the deal through, the UK will have to propose a way forward by April 12 for EU leaders to consider.