PCs have more active gamers than consoles

Credit: Pexels

The active player-base for PC gaming far outweighs the top consoles.

According to figures from ‘Statistica’ there were over 120 million active gamers using a PC every week in 2018.

Nintendo had around 20 million weekly active users, which is far fewer than XBOX (59 million) or PlayStation (80 million).

Despite this, sales of consoles continue to dominate.

Josh Wright, 27, a lecturer on Games Design at UCLan said: “Consoles still outdo PCs in sales. However in a way to explain that specific trend it’s all game and money dependent.”

In regard to the console race, he said: “XBOX and PlayStation already had a fan base before the Switch was even released. However, the Switch had a better reception on launch; give it a few years and its player-base will increase.

Recent data from ‘Statistica’ shows that this is indeed the case. Since 2017, sales for the Switch has increased from 11.85 million units to 17.05 million in 2018, whereas PS4 sales have reduced from 19.64 million to 18 million.

To explain why there are more active PlayStation users than with XBOX, he said: “The XBOX One’s release was bad. It was marketed as not only a gaming device, but as a complete home entertainment machine.

“So interest in it went down with gamers because it wasn’t as effective for gaming as the PlayStation, which solely focused on the gaming aspect, and has better exclusives.

Mobile gaming is going to dominate. It’s the future of the gaming industry.”

The high number of active PC gamers is thought to the higher capabilities of gaming PCs compared to consoles.

PC enthusiast, Graeme Mochrie, 19 said that: “PC gaming is way more flexible. PC gaming can range from playing a big modern game on a desktop to playing League of Legends on a train ride.”

Avid PC gamer, Joe Noden, 18, said: “PCs offer a more well-rounded gaming experience than consoles due to the higher specifications.”

Nintendo fan, Abbey Gibbons, 19, was shocked to learn its active play-base was so low. She said: “I thought Nintendo would have a lot more considering how popular the games are.

“People see Nintendo to have more childish games.”