Lancashire FA to apply for independence from the FA

Lancashire FA

The Lancashire Football Association is to apply for independence from the FA at a national level from season 2020/21.

Financial pressures on member clubs has been increasing in the recent years and an independent body would have the chance to raise their own funds without having to rely on money from the national association, the LFA says.

In addition, the new independent association will have the opportunity to review match day rules such as introducing sinbins in a similar way to grassroots football.

Lancs FA spokesman, Andrew Fuller, described the club-led initiative as an exciting opportunity.

He said: “This is an exciting opportunity. Club owners and chairmen work hard for their players and fans, and it’s time for us to take control of the good game.”

One of the key factors in making the decision was Lancashire FA won’t have to go to the FA national to request anything.

Marketing and Communications officer for the Lancs FA, Harry Lyons, believes it will bring more flexibility. “I think it will give us a bit more flexibility, and that’s why the decision was made.

“We won’t have to go to the FA to request things and all the clubs and chairman’s in Lancashire have backed the idea.

“We know it will probably be a controversial idea and other county FA’s might not like it at first, but hopefully it will be a decision that will benefit the game throughout the region.”

A letter informing the FA will be delivered to the national headquarters by the end of the week, and transition plans will be put into place by the end of this season.