Volunteer is baking her way to Kenya

Jennifer on her stand at Greenbank. Pic: Maria Rothes

A volunteer is baking cakes in order to raise the money she needs to go to Kenya for two weeks.

This is part of Kenya Mission Trip 2019, between September 14-28, which
Jennifer Rashid is taking part in.

She set up a stand to sell her cakes in Greenbank foyer at UCLan in Preston today.

The camp, in Eldoret, is home to over 160 children, most of whom have been orphaned, abandoned, or removed from homes due to neglect or abuse.

Jennifer said: “I wanted to give something back to the world.

“I have been baking for the past five months for people. It’s just constantly baking my way to Kenya”.

The camp is a Christ-centred environment, which aims to provide relief from physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Volunteers are going there to stand beside the people of Kenya to restore value to the most vulnerable.

“They will distribute different kinds of work, so you could be working in the fields, harvesting, painting, teaching children.”

UCLan is publishing Jennifer’s cake book soon.