Smile: The press who spread happy news

Credit: Pexels

Two different publications, which started in the North West, are exclusively sharing happy and inspiring news.

Podio Magazine in Preston only publishes positive articles and aims to “celebrate Preston’s diverse communities”.

David Carthy from Podio Magazine said: “Often all the news we hear in the media is bad and we can all focus on the negative things in life at times.

“The magazine highlights and reminds people of the positive things that are going on in Preston.”

One edition featured the story of a father and son duo, who use music to combat their mental health issues.

David added: “We even have a regular personal development column to help people develop a positive mindset.”

The magazine is handed out to people as they step off the train or bus onto the high street, and it is also available as an online e-magazine.

Similarly, The Happy Newspaper shares positive news, but from all over the world.

After the 2015 terrorist attacks in France, Emily Coxhead from Chorley decided to start sharing positive, uplifting stories.

The newspaper also celebrates the everyday heroes, the people that make us believe the world has the potential to be better.

Emily has already published a book, ‘Make Someone Happy’, which reminds people that we all have the power to make someone happy.

“We want to shed some light on this world we’re living in and remind people just how much good stuff happens in the world.”