First black baby lemur born at Chester Zoo

Mother and rare baby. CREDIT: Twitter – Chester Zoo (@chesterzoo)

The first, rare, black baby lemur has arrived at Chester Zoo, along with five other newborn lemurs.

The babies, including two sets of ring-tailed lemur twins, arrived on Wednesday.

They are typically small and weigh as much as a tennis ball.

Zookeepers have yet to identify whether they are females or males as they mostly stay on their mother’s back.

A set of Ring-tailed lemur twins on their mother’s back. CREDIT: Twitter – Chester Zoo (@chesterzoo)

Chester Zoo welcomed the six new lemurs in their large Lemur Island enclosure, where they have bred a number of lemur babies successfully.

There are now twelve ring-tailed lemurs altogether at the zoo.

Lemurs are considered an endangered species, under threat of extinction as they are increasingly pushed out of their natural habitat in Madagascar.

Chester Zoo was named as England’s ‘top attraction’ outside of London last year.

It is already the UK’s most popular zoo- the seventh year that it has achieved this status.

If you would like more information about visiting Chester Zoo, then you can check out their website here.