BBC Get Creative Festival having a lasting impact in Preston

Anne Worship, typewriter artist. Photo credit: Oi Doris Typewriter Art Facebook page

Etsy Made Local, who host markets for creatives who want to showcase or sell their work, are one of the Lancashire organisations that have seen a surge in popularity since the festival.

Organiser, Helen Gillespie feels the event showed the community the artistry and value of handmade goods. 

“You go to Manchester markets, a lot of it is brought in manufactured stuff. When you come to Etsy, the person that you are buying something from is the maker, you know where it’s coming from. We are providing Preston with a unique gift purchasing opportunity.” 

Etsy have helped independents like typewriter artist Anne Worsnip attract new buyers and grow her business. 

Anne values her new platform where she can now share her work and earn an income from it – something that was not possible a few years ago: “Companies like Etsy bring together artisans and traders, giving us a platform to get out and sell our stuff.” 

Worlds apart: Anne Worship’s market stall (left) vs Manchester market stall (right). (Photo Credit: Nicholas Dusabe)

Market traders trying to get involved in the more commercial markets, such as the Manchester Christmas market, have to go through a lengthy application process before paying up to £4,000 for a market stall. 

For more information about Etsy and how to get involved visit Etsy Made Local’s website.