‘The Greatest Father and Son Rap Duo’ get a record deal

Matthew and Callum Bennett released their debut album last year. Photo taken by Liam Carroll

Preston’s own FMA + 12 Gage had an eventful 2018, releasing their debut album – and 2019 has continued to see the pair find new opportunities in signing to IMG Records.

The rap duo, who consist of father, Matthew, 40 and son Callum, 21, released their debut album Parental Advisory in October independently.

On signing with IMG Records, Matthew said: “The Unstoppable video last year reached out to a lot of people so the guys from IMG were willing to come on board and help us reach that next level.”

Matthew signed to a record label before with his old band, For My Anger,but things didn’t work out. However for Callum this is his first time signing to a label.

Callum said: “It feels weird because you finally feel you’re being acknowledged, with creativity it’s strange because you feel you need someone above you to tell you what’s right and what’s not.”

The pair have recently joined a campaign called Relaxed Performances which benefit individuals and families of those who suffer with ADHD, autism, anxiety and many other conditions, by having specialised shows.

Matthew said: “We are very happy to have been approached to help raise awareness for this, as it is a charity we are 100% behind.”

The pair will be performing at this year’s Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow in Slough.