Bravo! Menorca reach Island Games final

Menorca volleyball player Magda Severa speaks after the win

Menorca are through to the Women’s Beach Volleyball final at the Island Games after beating the Cayman Islands in straight sets.

Magda Severa, 39, and Vanesa Bravo, 41, performed brilliantly in their win as they displayed a great team ethic and touch around the net.

The Menorcan duo have a combined age of 80 but that experience and friendship worked in their favour in this match.

Severa, speaking to UCLan live, said: ”It is also simple (to play together) as she’s my best friend and with your best friend you’re just enjoying the game. And because we don’t see each other so often, I think it’s just about enjoying it.”

Incredibly, the pair didn’t have a long build-up before the games.

Severa explained: ”I think we practiced just twice or three times before coming here, it’s more about the feeling.”

Menorca will face Gotland in the final after they defeated Saaremaa 2-0 in the second semi-final.

The final will take place at 7pm this evening and Severa said the preparation will be the same, regardless of the occasion.

She said: ”We will do the same routine as usual, we will eat well and take a siesta and warm up well as we are older players.”