Female gamer told “go back in the kitchen” in abusive online chat


A female gamer was told to “go back in the kitchen” in an abusive online chat.

Grace, a 19-year-old Overwatch player from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, said that she does not feel safe using the public voice chat feature to communicate with her team.

Grace said: “The first time I joined voice chat I got told to go back to the kitchen.

“I also got a message saying I should let my boyfriend play so we would win the match.”


Women in ESports are facing sexist discrimination online and in the community.

Female athletes, particularly in the Overwatch League, receive objectifying and misogynistic comments while appearing on streams.

The male-dominated sport is perceived as hostile to women and the perception of the community is growing more negative.

Geguri, the gamertag of a South Korean athlete, faced death threats and misogynist online abuse after accusations that she was cheating, even when proven innocent.

In another case, ESports commentator and presenter, Soe Gschwind-Penski received death threats after tweeting her support for International Women’s Day.

Women who stream on Twitch and YouTube face objectifying comments while playing, often about their appearance.

This has led to a negative perception on the gaming community and as part of the reason for the 2014 Gamergate controversy, in which many issues surrounding the treatment of women in the community were discussed and brought into the broader discussion. 

26-year-old professional gamer Dan Boyle said: “The community in gaming is mostly an utter disgrace.”

“I truly hate how much sexism runs rampant and is tacitly endorsed by the community.”

20-year-old Heather agrees and says that she prefers single-player games, “online games are too toxic” for her.