Preston businesses show support for Pride with rainbow window displays

Belfast pride

Preston’s LGBT+ community is getting a public show of support in the lead up to pride.

Businesses in Preston City Centre have been decorating their shop windows with rainbow flags to show support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ community that reside in the local area.

The annual event will be held in Preston on Saturday.

Amanda Pye, 38, of the House of Hair salon said: “I think it’s because Preston’s such a diverse area. And the city has all sorts of people: different cultures, races, beliefs and it’s important to support them and show it’s just as important as celebrating everyone else’s cultures.”

Karishma Patel, 29, of Broadhurst Optometrist said: “The decision was a no-brainer. It’s a point of pride for us as we want to support love and raise awareness; it’s really that simple for us. 

“We want to show our support because there’s still crimes going on like the two girls in London who got attacked on the bus.

“There’s all these horrible things happening, even locally people are bullied, abused and all these things that need to be talked about and stopped.”

Heather Redgewell, 31, from LUSH, said: “Globally, there are still places where you can be put to death for being gay so it’s still very much a relevant issue.

“In our country, things have been much better but there is still violence against individuals based on their sexual preferences which is nobody else’s business.

“Pride in Preston is important for the sense of community, because there are young people who are trying to find their way and to have a gathering of like-minded people, I think, is a really good way to bring people together.”

Gay Pride is a series of events that happen around the world, usually during the month of June, and comes in many forms ranging from a weekend-long music festival to a one day marching event.

The event is organized in order to celebrate the rights that the LGBT+ community have won, including the legal right to marry in the UK in 2014.

But it is also to protest for the rights they do not have yet, and for equality for other LGBT people around the world.

In the UK, activism leans more towards social tolerance and Transgender equality.

UCLAN Live approached Preston Pride for comment but they have yet to respond. 

Preston Pride is on 28 September and can be spotted In the Preston Flag Market.