Lancashire Businesses offering free services to Thomas Cook staff

Thomas Cook in Preston was closed on Monday after the business went into administration
Photo Credit: Jack Dinsley

Businesses in Lancashire are offering free blow-drys, childcare and sandwiches for all ex-Thomas Cook employees.

The local firms are offering services to ex-staff as a small gesture after the company went into administration earlier this week.

Lilliput Kiddie Care are offering the old staff free childcare whilst they are attending meetings and interviews for new job opportunities.

Photo Credit: Tracey Butcher

The Blackpool nursery owner Tracey Butcher said she has spent a lot of time telling the children how important kindness was.

She said: “If we as adults don’t follow those words, we wouldn’t be good role models.”

The holiday company ceased trading early on Monday morning leaving 9,000 people in the UK out of work and 150,000 Brits stranded all around the world.

Elsewhere in the county, Hair and Beauty by Clare Ashton in Preston are offering a free blow dry and Blackpool Pleasure Beach hypnotist Ken Webster is offering free tickets for the rest of the season of his shows. 

Local employers are also stepping forward offering jobs to the staff including McDonalds in Preston.

Tracey Butcher said they were offering the free interview childcare service as they felt it was important to support people when things happen out of their control.

She said: “The fact these people are having to deal with customers who have lost holidays and are disgruntled when they too have lost their livelihood is utterly devastating.

“On speaking to parents they are overwhelmed at how kind people are being.”

The businesses are planning to keep the good will gestures going whilst the ex-staff members are in need.