Ribble Valley MP defends PM over fiery language

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has leapt to the defence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his use of language in Parliament.

In his first Parliamentary session since its reopening, the Prime Minister accused MPs of ‘sabotaging’ Brexit as well as using terms such as ‘betrayal’ and ‘traitor’ when interviewed.

Additionally, he claimed the opposition had passed a ‘surrender act’, referring to legislation which had been passed earlier this month.

When accused of disrespecting former Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in 2016, with his ‘inflammatory’ language he branded the concerns ‘humbug’ and maintained the best way to honour her was to ‘get Brexit done’.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson – Wikimedia, MrsSnrub

Nigel Evans, also Deputy Commons speaker, told Sky News: “Yes, the Prime Minister has come under some accusations from the Labour Party but don’t forget it was they that brought Jo Cox into the debate in the first place and he was responding to their chants.

“Also the Prime Minister was referred to as a cheat and corrupt by members of the opposition and it was quite right that he hit back.

“Because the anger within parliament is nothing compared to the anger within the country of those people who were given the sovereign vote by their sovereign parliament to make the decision about Brexit in 2016.”

The legislation which was passed ensures the PM must extend Article 50’s negotiating time if he cannot agree a deal with the European Union by October 19.

PM Boris Johnson is set to meet the 1922 Committee today to formulate a party response to the backlash.