Support for trans community after Stonewall conflict

Local LGBT charities have spoken out in support of the trans community after conflict over reforms to the Gender Recognition Act within Stonewall.

An open letter was sent to The Sunday Times, signed by 22 people including Stonewall co-founder Simon Fanshawe expressing fears that the reforms would “undermine women’s sex-based rights”.

The proposed reforms would make the legal process of affirming gender easier for trans people, although the 22 signatories felt that such change would have negative effects, and that discussion of the position of trans within the LGBT was stifled.

Lancashire LGBT chief executive Dr Lewis Turner said: “We are very proud that Lancashire LGBT is, and always has been since the charity was founded in 2009, trans-inclusive.”

The open letter also addressed fears that the updates would place pressure on children to review gender identity at an early age.

Creation of a new organisation separate from Stonewall has been proposed.

Addressing the opposition to the Gender Recognition Act reform and the anti-trans position of the letter, Dr Lewis Turner said: “On the whole, we don’t really see the views of those who signed the letter reflected locally.”

Stonewall is currently the largest LGBT charity in Europe, and the company have celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.