Anti-Fracking Protesters Say Goodbye to Fracking Equipment at Cuadrilla’s Lancashire Site

delighted protester

Anti-fracking protesters were thrilled to see the sight of Cuadrilla beginning the removal of fracking equipment at their site on Preston Old Road, Blackpool.

Four vehicles were met with cheers and waves, as they exited the site one by one, with one protestor shouting “don’t come back”. Others rushed to the side of the road to photograph the occasion.

Anti-fracking protesters photography Cuadrilla’s fracking equipment leaving the site.

It comes after Cuadrilla announced last week that fracking would temporarily stop, before planning consent runs out at the end of November this year.

The company are currently working with their regulator, the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), on a series of technical studies, which are expected to take some time.

Protesters banners are still clearly on display at the Preston Old Road site.

Cuadrilla declined to say where the fracking equipment is being transported to.

Despite the rewarding view, protestors are determined to stay united as the hope of Cuadrilla ceasing operation for good is still far away.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Francis Egan, confirmed planning consent extends to April 2023.

One protestor, who wished not to be named, said: “The campaign is a very fluid thing.”

She added: “Until the lock is on the outside of those gates, that’s when we’ll know Cuadrilla have gone.”

The studies with the OGA are being carried out after a serious tremor, measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale, was felt across Blackpool and surrounding areas on the 26th August this year.

Cuadrilla confirmed in the meantime they have begun flow testing their second well at the site. They remain confident this would be successful, after results from the first well confirmed that ‘high quality natural gas is flowing to the surface.’