Cricket: Lewis Smith swaps Prestwich for Melbourne this winter

Smith (third in from top left) enjoying second team success this year

Cricketer Lewis Smith, 23, has travelled to Australia to play cricket for the winter.

Smith is the first person from Prestwich Cricket Club to go to Australia and will play for Parkdale second team Down Under.

The top order batsman has enjoyed huge success over the years at Prestwich for both the first and second team.

Smith’s most prolific year came in the 2016 where his average of 35 helped the second team win the inaugural Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL) division three title.

In the four years of the GMCL Smith has won four trophies with the second team and has played first team cricket too.

He said: “It’s a dream come true to go to Australia and something that I’ve planned for the last year or so.

“Obviously it’s brilliant that I can play cricket out here and it’s going to be a good challenge.”

He will spend the winter working as an engineer and will play for Victoria side Parkdale.

The 23-year-old said: “It’s going to be different. The pitches are a lot different in Australia. They’re a lot harder and quicker, compared to a couple of pitches in our league where you feel like you’re batting on a pudding.”

Prestwich second team captain Peter Lorenzini has played with Lewis for close to a decade.

He said: “I’m delighted that Lewis has managed to find a club in Melbourne, I’m sure he’ll learn a lot, and it’ll be great for us next summer when he hopefully comes back an improved cricketer.”

Smith has been in Victoria for just over a week and will make his debut for Parkdale this weekend.