Limited edition Blackburn trainers resold for over £60,000

Limited edition Blackburn SPEZIAL, signed by Sir Bradley Wiggins|Image: Somandeep Kaur Kandola

Limited edition adidas trainers that were produced for a Blackburn charity have been resold online for thousands of pounds.

Adidas have only released 160 pairs of the Blackburn SPEZIAL trainers, which feature the logo of homeless charity, Nightsafe and were designed by Lancashire-born Gary Aspden.

The shoes were sold at an exhibition in Blackburn’s Cotton Exchange last Friday for £100 each, but at least 13 buyers have resold the shoes on eBay.

It is unclear if the charity will benefit.

Fans purchasing Blackburn SPEZIALs at last week’s exhibition at the Cotton Exchange, Blackburn|Image: Somandeep Kaur Kandola

The highest bidding was a size 11 pair that sold for £65,300 while the lowest bid was over £280.

Alongside the trainers, one pair of merchandise stickers were sold for £500 and tote bags for £100.

One seller also threw in a free green sleeping bag for the winner of his trainers selling for £20,000.

Shoes achieved auction on eBay|Image: eBay

But the extremely high prices may not actually be representative due to ‘shill bidding’ which eBay describes as: ‘…when someone bids on an item to artificially increase its price, desirability, or search standing’ causing another bidder to pay more than they should.

Jan Larkin, CEO of Nightsafe, said: “We’ve no reason to be disappointed.

“As far as Nightsafe is concerned, nothing can take the shine off the amazing work Gary and his team are doing in Blackburn.

“We are really grateful that our charity was chosen to benefit.

“What’s also powerful is the way it’s raising awareness about homelessness.

“We understand collectors will be fed up to see this, perhaps we can do an official auction sometime in the future with the trainers we have been given by adidas.”

There are more exhibition events in Blackburn starting today (Thursday) and the shoes will be available to order on adidas’ website at 11pm tonight.

The Cotton Exchange, Blackburn is being restored and managed by charity Re:Source to turn it into a “destination again”.