Burnley FC goalkeeper Harry Allen says it’s hard for Keepers to adapt to the new style of play

Photo: Harry Allen

Burnley FC youngster Harry Allen believes that it is difficult for goalkeepers to get used to playing from the back.

The shot-stopper admitted he has sympathy for ‘keepers who get criticized for mistakes they make due to their new role.

Keepers such as Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris and Liverpool stopper Karius have made high-profile mistakes when passing it out.

“I do feel sorry for them,” Allen said.

“They’re being asked to play this way and it’s new, so they’re not used to it.”

“For goalies who have been used to punting the ball forward, it is hard for them.”

The former Manchester United stopper said that due to academies adopting the new style of play, keepers will get better at coping with the modern style of play.

“As years progress, it’s coming into more academies that are looking to play out from the back,” Harry said.

“I think the quality of it will improve because they’ve been doing it from such a young age”.

The 18-year-old believes that making errors early on in their career is beneficial for youth players, especially for ‘keepers.

“At a young age you make more mistakes, and the only way you’ll learn is by making those mistakes,” Allen said.

“If you make one playing out from the back and it goes straight to them, next time you’re not going to do that.

“So you have to learn from your mistakes, and you won’t become a footballer if you don’t learn from them.”