Hosts needed for refugees in Preston

A middle aged woman and two men smile into the camera
Sara Nathan and her current guests Moha (left) and Mo (right). Photo: Sara Nathan

Refugees at Home are looking for generous people in Preston to open their homes to asylum seekers.

Over 20% of the population of asylum seekers in the UK, reside in the North West however there is a shortage of hosts for those who cannot secure accommodation.

Refugees At Home began helping asylum seekers four years ago and they currently host around 120 people per night across the UK.

How can you help?

The charity is teaming up with Together Lancashire and Preston City of Sanctuary to promote and draw attention to hosting.

Sara Nathan, Co-Founder of Refugees At Home, explains that even though the thought of opening your home to a stranger is an intimidating one it could be the most life changing.

“It’s not only about giving people a safe, dry, warm room. It’s about integration and conversation, getting to know people you wouldn’t always meet – it is life enhancing.

“These are people who if you met them you wouldn’t think they were particularly brave but they are people who have been in a situation which is intolerable and they have made a decision to do something about it and that is pretty inspiring,” says Sara.

In the year ending March 2019 the UK offered asylum or protection to 17,304 people, which was a 22% increase on previous years, increasing the demand for support for asylum seekers across the whole of the UK.

One message that Refugees at Home are particularly keen to spread is that this increase is beneficial for the UK as the refugees which they work with all go on to contribute to British society.

Sara says: “They contribute hugely to British life, there is hardly any area of life that hasn’t been advanced from people coming here. We should be proud and grateful for that.”

All hosts are matched up on specific criteria to make sure the relationship between the host and the guest are positive.

Refugees at Home ask that anyone who is interested in hosting get in touch to learn more about the experience, you can register your interest here.