Preston 10k race rescheduled for another wet weekend

People running in a group
Credit: image via Peakpx

Preston runners are set to try their luck in a rescheduled 10k race this weekend.

The Preston 10K race was postponed close to its starting time on September 29 due to poor weather.

With heavy rain on its way this week, an alternative route has been planned for the race.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is one of the main sponsors and held a launch party for the event.

Steve Abbott, UCLan run leader, said: “We’re obviously going to keep an eye on the weather. We’re going to be looking the day before, checking out the course and also on the morning.

“I’ve spoken to the organisers and they are looking at a plan B for another route.

“There’s a good chance areas will be flooded again so they are looking at that because they don’t want to cancel the race again – that’s the last thing they would want to do.”

Participants who cannot make the new date have the option to defer their place until next year.

They also had the opportunity to apply for a refund up until midday today (October 11).

Runners who cannot race but do not want to receive a refund of their ticket price can donate it to a local charity.  

Preston’s 10K race welcomes people of all abilities and allows people to walk or run in their own time.   

Sophie Pilkington, UCLan run leader, said: “We have quite a lot of Nordic walkers taking part.

“I think the rescheduling of the event has made it more accessible because there are more Nordic walkers taking part than there was previously.”

The Running Bee Foundation, a sponsor of the event, is looking for volunteers who can help out on the day.

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